Dallas, TX | February 9, 2019
Delta Hotels By Marriott Dallas Allen & Watters Creek Convention Center
Hosted by Southern Belle Events & Leighton Riley

Ticket Info:
The event is currently sold out, but we do see a number of refunds throughout the months leading up to the event. Feel free to check for newly available tickets on Eventbrite.

Hotel Info:
Delta Hotels By Marriott Dallas Allen & Watters Creek Convention Center
777 Watters Creek Blvd
Allen, TX 75013

Parking Info:
Self-parking: $8.00/day – Discounted rate for Holidays with the Belles attendees
Valet parking: $20.00/day

Event schedule:
Line begins: 10:00 AM (Suggested)
Event begins: 12:00 PM
Event ends: 6:00 PM

Transportation Info:
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Distance from hotel: 31.5 miles
Drive time: Approx. 30 minutes

Dallas Love Field
Distance from hotel: 24.9 miles
Drive time: Approx. 32 minutes

*Please note that shuttle service is not available from either Dallas airport to the hotel directly. We apologize for the inconvenience. We highly recommend checking into carpooling with other attendees (book friends are the best kind of friends), Uber, or Lyft.

What time does it start?
The event will run from 12:00-6:00 PM. There are no additional ticket types which allow for early entry.

What is the name of the event space and how do we get to it?
The event will be held in the Terrell Hall at the Delta by Marriott Dallas Allen & Watters Creek Convention Center. Terrell Hall will be found on the lobby floor.

What time should we get there?
We like to suggest that the line begins forming 2 hours prior to the event start time, but let’s be honest. We’re readers, past-bloggers, and will forever be fangirls. We’ve been the fans that lined up hours prior to an event, and we’ll understand if you feel that it’s necessary to do the same.

I bought my ticket after the event was sold out and it doesn’t have my name shown. What do I do?
As long as you have the physical ticket either in print or on your phone, it’s okay if your name doesn’t match the original ticket. If you do not have a ticket visible, we will require a photo ID.

Will tickets be available at the door?
No, unfortunately tickets will not be available for purchase at the door.

Do you have Holidays with the Belles merchandise available?
We do! You can grab anything from t-shirts to leggings (YES! LEGGINGS!) here via Teespring, including merchandise from Holidays 2014-2018! We’ll also have tote bags available at the event for $15.00/each.

Will the amount of books we bring be limited?
With the amount of attendees we’re expecting, we do feel it’s best to limit the ticketed authors to 10 books each. If you have over 10 books for non-ticketed authors, you’re good to go. That’s not to say an author can’t be ticketed at a later time, at which point the 10 book limit would begin. If you have over 10 books for a line that is being ticketed, we’ll ask that you please receive two ticket numbers. The second number will be a number from the next page of bracelets given out and should mean that you’re in the next batch of 10-15 numbers called. If you are picking up over 10 pre-orders by an author, you will not need to return to the end of the line. One pre-order pick up per author table is fine by us. Not sure what we mean by “ticketed authors”? Please find the full explanation a little further below!

Are there any other events planned such as an after party?
Once the signing has ended at 6:00 PM, there will not be an official after party or other type of organized event.

Are food/beverages allowed in the room?
No food/beverages (water is totally fine) will be allowed within the signing room, so make sure your tummy is happy before entering.

Will there be an on-site bookseller? If so, what books will they have for sale?
No, there will not be an on-site bookseller present. Many authors did offer pre-orders prior to the event, but most will also offer books for sale at their table during the event with limited quantities. If you have a specific book in mind that you’re passionate about, we would suggest ordering the title on Amazon or from your bookseller of choice prior to event day to ensure you have it in hand for the author to sign.

Where can I stay up to date on new info and updates regarding the event?
You’ll find updates on the official Facebook page here or in the attendee group here.

At our past events, we’ve used a ticketing method that helps the movement in the room and ensures that each reader is able to use their time during the event wisely. We don’t want a reader to come and stand in 1 line for 2 hours. So we do our best to resolve that issue by ticketing the lines that may have more than 10-15 readers consistently throughout the event. By ticketing, it gives the reader a placeholder of a sort so that they can wander the room and visit other authors while waiting for their number to be called. Not all authors will be ticketed. In fact, most will not; however, we’re always ready to ticket if needed.

When entering the event space, the first 10-15 readers at a ticketed table will be allowed to stay put. Beyond those 15, you’ll find a volunteer placed at the end of that specific line with color coded and numbered bracelets. For example, red might be Easton, baby blue could be Torre, etc. The bracelets will also show what number you are in that line, so it will read as “Easton 12” or “Torre 46”, etc. If you do not see a volunteer handing out bracelets for that line, there is no ticketing in place for that author currently and anyone can walk up to greet that author.

As you approach a ticketed line, the volunteer will hand you a bracelet. You don’t have to necessarily put it on but pretty please don’t lose it since that is your placeholder for that author. If you lose it, you’ll have to get another and that’s a bummer.

Once the initial 10-15 readers have reduced to approx. 5, the volunteer will notify an event host or lead volunteer, who will then announce the next 10-15 numbers up. When those 15 reduce to 5, we’ll call up another 15. From that point, it’s rinse and repeat for the remainder of the event. If you’re in another line when your number is called, don’t stress. Your number is valid from any point up to the highest number. Ideally if the lines are flowing correctly, the numbers called should be pretty close to accurate. For example though, let’s say you’ve got a bracelet of Steiner 24. You get busy sorting books or talking to buddies and you don’t realize that Kandi Steiner’s line is up to 40-50. You’re 100% okay to get in line, as most numbers will have already been through. When you get to the line, the volunteer will check your number and voila! Good to go.

Once you have your bracelet, feel free to go wander the room. Throughout the event, a few different routes can be taken to find out which number each ticketed line is currently at. The easiest method will be via monitors we’ll have setup in the room. Think of the screens you find at an airport with the arriving/departing flights. Ours will look similar but much larger font so that you can hopefully see it from across the room. We’ll have a volunteer assigned to update the screens every time a line changes. We’ve used this method at many of our past events. It seemed to work fabulously, so I’m crossing my fingers it works as well this go around. We’ll also have an announcer who will mention new line numbers, etc. along the way. You can also always go back to a line and ask the assigned volunteer what number they’re at. They’ll have that info handy and easily accessible for you.

A ticketed author will have a limit of 10 books per number. If you have…say 30 books for Adriana Locke to sign, you’ll need 3 bracelets. The bracelets will be handed out in breaks of 10, so you would receive #14, 24, and 34. This will allow the line to continue flowing as normally and easily as possible. Also, any pre-orders are not counted in that limit since you will pick those up directly from the author. If you arrive at a table that is not ticketed, there’s no book limit on that table at the current moment. Which leads me to one more bit of info…

If an author you’re really excited to meet ends up being one of those ticketed authors, we would suggest entering the event space and going directly to their table in order to get the lowest possible bracelet number you can. That way you don’t have to worry or stress about it for the remainder of the event. Some authors that are ticketed from the beginning may not need line control throughout the event. If they catch up with the numbers that had been handed out and stay caught up for a number of minutes, we’ll open their table as a free for all like the majority of other authors. If we find their line begins to grow, we’ll make the choice to add ticketing to their line once more. If an author that was not ticketed in the beginning has a consistently longer line and we feel it’s in the best interest of the readers to start ticketing, we’ll absolutely do that. The biggest point of all of this crazy wordiness is that we want you guys to enjoy your time. We want you to walk away with a smile on your face because you met your favorite authors. Not 1-2. Not 5-10. We want you to meet as many as possible in the timeframe allowed, and we’ll do what we need to do to make it flow seamlessly for you.

So in summary, you’ll walk up, receive a bracelet, then go out and meet authors while waiting for your number to be called. It sounds confusing when reading about the process but when you’re standing in the event space, it will make complete sense. Our goal is for every person to walk away having met every single author they wanted to, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that happens.

Which authors will be ticketed?

We do want to stress that all of the authors listed below may not need to be ticketed for the entire time slot, while others may pop up along the way. We fly by the seat of our pants on event day to control lines. If we’ve seen that specific lines that weren’t ticketed from the get go need that extra attention, we’ll do it in a heartbeat. On the flip side, a ticketed author who catches up with their previously distributed numbers may not need to be ticketed for a while. It’s very much a situation where we judge it based on that moment. We do want you to know that the process is in place to help the attendees see more faces, get more books signed, and make more memories within the event time. It’ll all make sense once you’re there, promise.

So! Authors who will be ticketed as of the beginning of the event will be:

Adriana Locke
Alessandra Torre
Amy Daws
BB Easton
Brittainy C. Cherry
Claire Contreras
Colleen Hoover
Devney Perry
Emma Hart
J. Daniels
Jewel E. Ann
Kandi Steiner
Katy Evans
Kennedy Ryan
Kim Holden
Mariana Zapata
Molly McAdams
Natasha Madison
Penny Reid
Sara Ney
Staci Hart
Teagan Hunter